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As a native son of San Jose District 9, I have decided to take the big step to better serve my community as San Jose City Council Member, District 9. I am hoping to earn your support come election on June 5th, 2018.  I was born into a home in this community. I attended Schallenberger Elementary, Markham Jr. High (now WGMS), then Willow Glen High School, transferring to and graduating from Gunderson ​HS (I had taken 3 years of German in Jr. High, and it was only offered at Gunderson at the time). I then attended West Valley College prior to earning my B.S. degree from Santa Clara University.  I went on with additional Post-Baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology, then earning a Master of Education Degree in the study of Counseling Psychology from the University of Hawaii. 


My Dad, "Coach" Dave Nelson was a Teacher and Coach in The San Jose Unified School District for 43 yearsand a Coach for Coach Santa Clara University.  I have followed in his footsteps, and have Coached many Athletes to many Championships.  I always emphasize, develop the whole person, and winning will be a consequence.  The cornerstone of resolving many problems and issues confronting our City is Education - developing the whole person.  Not just traditional Education. We must consider a paradigm shift in our approach.

My first job after graduating from Santa Clara University was with The Boccardo Law Firm.   I received priceless mentoring and an on-the-job education from James F. Boccardo, Esq.

 Mr. "B" and other members of the Firm instilled in me the importance of fighting for justice. 


I am a fighter, and will fight for you; while attending West Valley College I earned All-American status as a Collegiate Wrestler. I then earned Two National Collegiate Boxing Titles while attending Santa Clara University, and was inducted into the Santa Clara University Athletic Hall of Fame in May, 2001.  I was also honored to serve as President for the Hawaii Chapter of the Santa Clara University Alumni Association.


I am accustomed to hard work and achieving goals; I will work hard and fight for you.  

I have witnessed ineffective Boards, ignoring needs and best interests of constituents, Teachers, and Students. This will change. I will answer to you. Let me work for US!  

(I am up against some big money in this campaign.  I have been self-funding.  I compare this process to Christmas, or a Birthday... the wrapping is not what matters, it's what is on the inside that counts!)

                                                                                                     What I stand for:



Together we can make it happen! 

Others identify problems, 

I offer solutions. 

When teaching Government I profess, If you are going to complain, have a solution, and do something about it!

Scott Nelson

Please email me with any questions. I work for YOU: [email protected] 

I am a true grassoots campaign. I have the humility to listen to the people I represent.  I have a Master of Education Degree in the Study of Counseling Psychology, but have intentionally worked as a Substitute Teacher in many  High Schools around the Silicon Valley for a while now, talking WITH Students about their community and issues concerning their families.  I don't fundraise among the elite, I work with and for the people.