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Memorial Day Celebration Oak Hill Cemetery May 28th, 2018

My family and I spent Memorial Day remembering all who have served our Country 

at the Celebration put on by our City and The Oak Hill Cemetery.    

I had the honor of  sitting with my Father? Korean War Disabled American Veteran, 

W. David Nelson, and the gentleman pictured with me above, Ysidor Sanchez.  

Mr. Sanchez was one of the Brave Americans who stormed the Beach at Normandy on D-Day.  

On July 23rd Mr. Sanchez will be celebrating his 96th Birthday.  

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to hear some of the stories 

he told of his time in France and Germany.

With Principal Ryan Chamberlin

Schallenberger is in great hands... It is easy to understand why we are doing so well!

Schallenberger Elementary School

 14th Annual Benefit Auction and Gala with my wife, Sabine.

Proud to see my old school thriving.

Committed To Results...

I approach all aspects of my life

with the same passion!

A beautiful day in the meadow for 

a picnicwith the close Family!

Back to the Beach with my wife and our son

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